Administrative Assistant (AA) 250 Word Statement Example - Changing & Improving Behaviour

Pulling together a 250 word statement can be time consuming, and a bit of a hassle, and applicants often report that the statements they submit are the weakest part of their application.

However by learning more about what the behaviour means and by properly structuring our statements we can turn that weakness into a strength.


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First let's look at what "Changing and Improving" means at the Administrative Assistant grade:

1. Embracing Change

  • Openness to New Ideas: AAs should be willing to consider new approaches to their tasks and be open to suggestions from colleagues and supervisors.
  • Adaptability: They should be able to adjust their working methods and processes in response to changes in policy, technology, or organizational needs.
  • Learning and Development: AAs should take responsibility for their personal development, seeking out training and development opportunities to enhance their skills.

2. Continuous Improvement

  • Identifying Inefficiencies: AAs should actively look for ways to improve administrative processes, reduce waste, and streamline procedures.
  • Proposing Solutions: When they identify issues, AAs should not only highlight these to their supervisors but also suggest practical solutions.
  • Implementing Improvements: AAs should support the implementation of new processes and improvements, helping to ensure these changes are successfully integrated into the team's workflow.

3. Using Technology Effectively

  • Technological Proficiency: AAs should be proficient in the use of relevant software and tools, and stay updated with new technological advancements that can enhance their work.
  • Automation and Tools: They should be able to use tools and technologies to automate routine tasks, thereby freeing up time for more complex activities.

4. Proactive and Forward-Thinking

  • Anticipating Needs: AAs should anticipate the needs of their team and organization, preparing for future requirements and challenges.
  • Innovative Thinking: They should be encouraged to think creatively and bring innovative ideas to their work, looking for novel solutions to problems.

5. Collaboration and Communication

  • Effective Communication: Clear and effective communication with colleagues and supervisors is essential for implementing changes and improvements.
  • Team Collaboration: AAs should work collaboratively with their team, sharing knowledge and best practices to drive continuous improvement.

Practical Examples at the AA Grade:

  • Updating Filing Systems: An AA might identify that the current filing system is outdated and propose a new digital solution that is more efficient and easier to navigate.
  • Process Automation: An AA might suggest automating a repetitive task, such as data entry, by using software tools, thereby saving time and reducing errors.
  • Feedback Mechanisms: An AA could establish a feedback mechanism where team members can regularly share their ideas for improving administrative processes.
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Structuring Your Statement

The B-STAR technique is a structured approach for answering competency-based questions, often used in job applications and interviews. This technique helps applicants clearly and concisely articulate their experiences and skills in a way that aligns with the requirements of the role they are applying for. B-STAR stands for Belief, Situation, Task, Activity, and Result. Below is a detailed explanation of how each component of the B-STAR technique can be effectively utilized when writing a 250-word statement for an Administrative Assistant (AA) role in the Civil Service UK.

: Begin by expressing your thoughts and feelings about the specific behavior or competency being assessed. For an Administrative Assistant role, this might involve discussing your views on organization, communication, or customer service. Explain why you believe these skills are important and how you have actively sought to improve them. This sets the stage for the reader, showing your proactive attitude and dedication.

: Next, provide a brief background of a relevant situation. Clearly and concisely describe the context without going into unnecessary detail, as word count is limited. Ensure the situation is relevant to the role of an Administrative Assistant, such as managing a busy office environment or handling multiple administrative tasks simultaneously.

: Describe your specific role in the situation. Highlight your responsibilities, ensuring the focus remains on your actions rather than those of others. If you were leading a team or project, briefly mention this, but keep the emphasis on what you personally did to contribute to the task at hand.

: This is the core of your statement. Detail the steps you took to address the situation. Use active language to describe your actions and decisions, emphasizing your problem-solving abilities and proactive approach. For example, you might describe how you organized a filing system to improve efficiency or implemented a new scheduling process to better manage office resources.

: Conclude by explaining the outcomes of your actions. Whenever possible, quantify your results to provide concrete evidence of your success. For instance, mention if your actions led to a specific improvement in office productivity, customer satisfaction, or cost savings. Ensure the results you describe are positive and relevant to the Administrative Assistant role.


Changing & Improving 250 Word Statement AA Example

I believe that being adaptable and proactive in finding better ways to work not only improves productivity but also enhances the overall user/public experience.

In my previous job at a clothing store, we often faced issues with the fitting rooms, particularly during peak hours. Long wait times and disorganised fitting rooms led to customer dissatisfaction and a cluttered store environment. Recognising the need for improvement, I suggested a new system to better manage the fitting room area.

My role involved creating a system where one team member would be assigned to manage the rooms during peak-times. This included maintaining cleanliness, organising returns, and assisting customers with different sizes and styles. I volunteered to take the lead on this new approach.

To implement this, I coordinated with my manager to adjust scheduling so that there was always someone available to manage the fitting rooms during busy periods. I also created a checklist to ensure that all tasks were covered. Additionally, I communicated with colleagues to explain the system and gathered their input to make further improvements.

The result was a significant reduction in fitting room wait times and a much more organized and pleasant shopping environment. Customer feedback improved, and we saw an increase in sales as customers were able to try on more items without the frustration of long waits.

We were able to create a more efficient and enjoyable shopping experience for our customers, thus reinforcing my belief in the importance of continuously seeking ways to improve processes.

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