Administrative Assistant (AA) 250 Word Statement Examples - Communicating & Influencing


Crafting a 250-word statement for Civil Service exams can be daunting, especially when discussing key behaviours like Communicating & Influencing.

Many candidates find this part of their application the hardest.

However, with a thorough understanding of the behaviour and a structured approach, what seems like a weakness can turn into a significant strength.

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What "Communicating & Influencing" Means at the Administrative Assistant (AA) Level

At the Administrative Assistant (AA) level, the Communicating & Influencing behaviour involves clear, concise, and effective communication with colleagues and stakeholders. It’s about ensuring that your message is understood and that you can influence others in a positive manner, even when you don't have direct authority.

Key expectations at this level include:

  • Clear Communication: Conveying information in a straightforward and understandable manner.
  • Active Listening: Demonstrating attentiveness and understanding in conversations.
  • Building Relationships: Establishing rapport and positive relationships with team members and stakeholders.
  • Persuasiveness: Using appropriate arguments and language to persuade others.

This differs from previous levels where the focus might have been more on following instructions and less on influencing outcomes. At the AA level, you're expected to take a more proactive role in communication.

Statement Structure

A well-structured statement can make all the difference. The B-STAR technique is an effective method for crafting your response:


Start by outlining your core belief or philosophy regarding effective communication and influencing. This sets the stage for your example and provides insight into your approach.


Describe a specific situation where you needed to use your communication and influencing skills. Set the context clearly so that the reader understands the environment and challenges.


Explain the task you were responsible for in this situation. What was your role, and what were you aiming to achieve? This part is crucial for highlighting your responsibilities.


Detail the actions you took to address the situation. Focus on how you communicated and influenced others. Highlight specific techniques or strategies you used, demonstrating your competency.


Conclude with the outcome of your actions. What was the result of your communication and influencing efforts? Emphasize the positive impact and any learnings or improvements that resulted from the experience.

By following the B-STAR technique, you can create a compelling and structured statement that showcases your ability to communicate and influence effectively at the AA level.

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Now, let’s move on to the example statement that will illustrate how these principles can be applied in practice.

250 Word Statement Example

Clear communication and the ability to influence are essential skills for achieving positive outcomes and fostering cooperation. Ensuring that messages are delivered effectively and respectfully helps build trust and understanding.

While at a property management company, we encountered a situation where we needed to inform tenants about maintenance work that would disrupt water-services. Some tenants had previously expressed frustration with such disruptions, so it was crucial to communicate this effectively and manage their concerns.

I drafted an email and printed notices using simple, straightforward language, ensuring that all tenants would understand the message. I double-checked the written communication for any errors to maintain professionalism. I also included the maintenance schedule and contact information for any questions or emergencies.

To influence tenants positively and mitigate frustration, I highlighted the long-term benefits of the maintenance work, such as improved water-pressure and reliability. I emphasised that we scheduled the work during off-peak hours to minimise inconvenience. Additionally, I proposed hosting a brief Q&A session in the building lobby where tenants could voice their concerns and receive immediate responses.

I listened actively to the tenants' questions and addressed their concerns respectfully. By showing empathy and providing clear answers, I helped reassure them about the necessity and benefits of the maintenance work.

The result was a smoother process with fewer complaints than anticipated. Tenants appreciated the clear communication and the opportunity to discuss their concerns directly. This experience highlighted the importance of clear communication and the ability to influence others constructively to achieve successful outcomes.

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