Administrative Assistant (AA) - Seeing the Big Picture 250 Word Statement Example


When it comes to Civil Service exams, the 250-word statements often pose the greatest challenge for candidates.

These statements require you to succinctly demonstrate your understanding and application of specific behaviors.

However, with a good grasp of the required behavior and a solid structure, this daunting task can turn into an opportunity to shine.

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Understanding "Seeing the Big Picture" at the Administrative Assistant Level

At the Administrative Assistant (AA) level, "Seeing the Big Picture" involves understanding how your role fits into and supports the larger goals of your department and the organization as a whole. Unlike previous levels where the focus might be on completing individual tasks efficiently, the AA level expects you to have an awareness of broader organizational priorities and how your work contributes to these.

This behavior requires you to consider the wider context in which your tasks sit, understanding the impact of your actions on colleagues and the organization. It's about recognizing and responding to the needs of the organization, being aware of the external environment, and aligning your work with the strategic goals of your team and department.

Crafting Your Statement with the B-STAR Technique

The B-STAR technique (Belief, Situation, Task, Action, Result) is an excellent framework for structuring your 250-word statement on "Seeing the Big Picture."

  • Belief: Start by explaining your belief or understanding of the importance of seeing the big picture in your role. This sets the context for the reader and demonstrates your alignment with the expected behavior.

  • Situation: Describe a specific situation where this behavior was relevant. Provide enough background information to set the scene, but keep it concise to stay within the word limit.

  • Task: Outline the task you were responsible for in this situation. Make sure to clarify your role and what was expected of you.

  • Action: Detail the actions you took to address the task, emphasizing how you kept the bigger picture in mind. Highlight any proactive steps you took to align your work with the broader goals of your team or department.

  • Result: Conclude with the results of your actions. Focus on positive outcomes that demonstrate the impact of your ability to see the big picture, both for your immediate work and the organization as a whole.

By using the B-STAR technique, you ensure that your statement is well-structured, concise, and effectively showcases your understanding and application of "Seeing the Big Picture."

Following this guide, here's an example statement to illustrate how these principles can be applied...

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250 Word Statement Example


I understand the importance of seeing the big picture and how my role fits into the broader objectives of the Civil Service.

In my role as an administrative assistant, I was tasked with organising a series of workshops aimed at improving school safety. My responsibilities included scheduling, coordinating with speakers, and preparing materials. While these tasks were administrative, I understood their significance in contributing to a safer learning environment for students nationwide.

I started by gathering information from various sources, including feedback from schools and input from education experts. This helped me understand the specific safety issues that needed addressing in the workshops. I also researched best practices from other regions to ensure our approach was comprehensive.

Understanding the diverse backgrounds and needs of the attendees, I made sure the workshop materials were accessible and inclusive. This included providing materials in multiple languages and formats and ensuring the venue was accessible to all participants. I also scheduled the workshops at times convenient for educators, demonstrating my awareness of their busy schedules.

Throughout the project, I communicated regularly with my team to ensure our efforts aligned with the department’s goals. I also kept stakeholders updated on our progress, ensuring transparency and fostering a collaborative environment.

The workshops were well-received and led to actionable recommendations that schools could implement to enhance safety. This not only met the immediate objectives but also supported the broader goal of improving the education system.

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