Grade 7 Personal Statement Example - Changing & Improving

Writing the 250-word statements for Civil Service exams can be one of the most challenging parts of the application process.

Many candidates find it daunting to condense their experiences and skills into such a limited word count.

However, with a good understanding of the required behaviour and a solid structure, what seems like a weakness can be transformed into a significant strength.

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Understanding "Changing and Improving" at Grade 7

The "Changing and Improving" behaviour at Grade 7 level is about demonstrating your ability to drive and support change within your organization.

At this level, you are expected to not only adapt to change but also to initiate it, finding ways to improve processes, services, or working practices.

This requires a strategic mindset, the ability to influence others, and a deep understanding of the broader organizational goals.

Key Expectations:

  • Leadership in Change: At Grade 7, you should showcase your capability to lead change initiatives. This includes identifying opportunities for improvement and managing the implementation of these changes.
  • Strategic Thinking: Demonstrating a broader perspective is crucial. You should show how your initiatives align with organizational goals and the bigger picture.
  • Influencing Skills: Successfully driving change often involves influencing and inspiring others. You need to show how you have engaged with stakeholders, secured buy-in, and managed resistance.
  • Innovation: Being proactive in finding new and better ways to do things is vital. You should highlight how you have introduced innovative solutions to existing problems.

Statement Structure Using the B-STAR Technique

To effectively convey your experience and skills in your 250-word statement, using the B-STAR technique can be incredibly helpful.

This method helps structure your response in a clear and concise manner, ensuring you cover all necessary aspects of the behaviour.

B-STAR Breakdown:

  • Belief: Start by expressing your core belief or philosophy regarding change and improvement. This sets the stage for your example and provides insight into your mindset.

  • Situation: Describe a specific situation where you identified a need for change. This gives context to your example and shows the initial challenge or opportunity.

  • Task: Explain the task or objective you were aiming to achieve. This should be directly related to the change or improvement you sought to implement.

  • Action: Detail the specific actions you took to address the situation. This is where you demonstrate your proactive approach and leadership skills.

  • Result: Conclude with the results of your actions. Highlight the positive outcomes and any measurable improvements.


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Changing & Improving 250 Word Statement Example


Believing that continuous improvement and innovation are critical for any organization's success, I always strive to create a culture where new ideas are encouraged and implemented effectively.

In my role as a Human Resources Manager for a large corporation, we faced a significant issue with employee turnover, which was affecting productivity and morale. The traditional exit interviews were not providing actionable insights to address the root causes.

I was tasked with implementing a solution to better understand and reduce turnover rates. Recognizing the need for a more innovative approach, I began by analyzing exit interview data and feedback from current employees. I discovered that many felt their voices were not being heard and that there was a lack of career development opportunities.

To tackle this, I initiated the creation of an anonymous digital feedback platform where employees could share their thoughts on workplace improvements without fear of retribution. I also launched a series of focus groups to delve deeper into specific issues. These sessions were designed to be inclusive, ensuring diverse representation from different departments and levels within the company.

Furthermore, I developed a mentorship program to address career development concerns. Pairing employees with mentors provided guidance and growth opportunities, fostering a sense of value and engagement.

The results were significant. Within six months, the turnover rate decreased by 25%, and employee satisfaction scores improved by 30%. The feedback platform and mentorship program were particularly praised, illustrating the positive impact of creating an environment where change and innovation are encouraged.

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