Grade 7 Personal Statements - 250 Word "Seeing the Big Picture" Examples


Applying for a Civil Service position can be an intense and sometimes overwhelming process.

One of the most challenging parts of the application is often the 250-word statement.

Many candidates find this brief but crucial piece to be the most difficult part of their application.

However, with a solid understanding of the behaviour in question and a well-structured approach, what seems like a weakness can quickly turn into a strength.

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Understanding "Seeing the Big Picture" at Grade 7 Level

"Seeing the Big Picture" is a critical behaviour evaluated in Civil Service exams, especially at the Grade 7 level. At this stage, you are expected to have a comprehensive understanding of your role within the broader context of the organization and the public sector. This means:

  • Awareness and Insight: Recognizing the larger goals of your department and how your work contributes to these objectives.

  • Strategic Thinking: Demonstrating an ability to think beyond immediate tasks and consider long-term impacts and opportunities.

  • Interdepartmental Collaboration: Understanding and considering the work of other departments and stakeholders, and how they intersect with your role.

  • Decision-Making: Making informed decisions that align with overarching governmental policies and priorities.

At this level, you are not just executing tasks but also contributing to strategic planning and organizational growth. This is a step up from previous levels where the focus might have been more on individual task completion and immediate team goals.

Crafting Your Statement with the B-STAR Technique

To effectively convey your understanding and demonstration of "Seeing the Big Picture" in your 250-word statement, the B-STAR technique is invaluable. Here’s how to structure your statement using this method:

  • Belief: Start with a brief statement about your core belief or philosophy regarding "Seeing the Big Picture". This sets the stage for your example and shows your underlying values.

  • Situation: Describe a specific situation where you had to demonstrate this behaviour. Be concise but clear, setting the context for your example.

  • Task: Outline the task you were responsible for in this situation. What was your role, and what were the expectations placed upon you?~

  • Action: Detail the actions you took to address the task and situation. Focus on how you applied strategic thinking, collaboration, and decision-making to see the bigger picture.

  • Result: Conclude with the results of your actions. Highlight how your approach contributed to achieving larger organizational goals and had a positive impact.

This technique ensures that your statement is structured, focused, and showcases your abilities in a clear and compelling way.


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Following this structure and keeping the core principles of "Seeing the Big Picture" in mind, here is an example statement...

250 Word Statement Example

I believe that understanding the broader context and aligning with organizational goals is essential for achieving meaningful impact and ensuring that our work contributes to national priorities.

Working at a logistics company, I was tasked with implementing a distribution strategy to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. This required a deep understanding of economic, social, and technological trends affecting our industry.

To ensure our strategy aligned with broader company objectives and market conditions, I started by analyzing current trends in logistics and supply chain management. I reviewed data on consumer behavior, technological advancements in distribution, and economic forecasts to inform our approach.

Recognizing the importance of diverse perspectives, I organized meetings with key stakeholders, including suppliers, customers, and team members from various departments.

I communicated our strategy effectively to senior leadership, highlighting how it supported the company’s long-term goals and responded to market trends. By clearly articulating the connection between our strategy and broader economic and technological developments, I was able to secure their support and resources.

Adopting a holistic perspective, I collaborated with other regional managers to ensure our activities were aligned and mutually supportive. This included sharing best practices and coordinating efforts to maximize efficiency across the organization.

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