Senior Executive Officer (SEO) Behaviour Statements - 250 Word Communicating & Influencing Examples


When it comes to Civil Service exams, the 250-word statements often feel like the biggest hurdle for many candidates.

It's not just about what you say but how you say it, and fitting it all into such a tight word limit can be daunting.

However, with a solid understanding of the behavior and a strong structure, this perceived weakness can transform into a compelling strength.

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What "Communicating & Influencing" Means at This Level

"Communicating & Influencing"
is a crucial behavior that entails not just sharing information but also persuading, negotiating, and aligning others with your objectives. At the Senior Executive Officer (SEO) level, this behavior carries significant weight.

At this level, you are expected to:

  • Influence Stakeholders: You should be able to engage and persuade a wide range of stakeholders, both within and outside your organization. This means understanding their perspectives and strategically shaping your messages to gain their support.
  • Drive Engagement: It’s about more than just conveying information. You need to inspire and motivate others, ensuring they are aligned with the organizational goals and objectives.
  • Maintain Consistency: Your communication should consistently reflect the strategic direction and values of the organization. It’s essential to be seen as a reliable and credible representative of your department.

Differences from Previous Levels:

  • At lower grades like Higher Executive Officer (HEO), the focus is more on clear and effective communication within smaller teams or on specific projects. It’s about ensuring the message is understood and tasks are coordinated efficiently.
  • At higher grades such as Grade 7, the emphasis shifts towards setting communication strategies and influencing policies at a higher, often more political level, requiring a broader impact and a deeper understanding of the organizational landscape.

Statement Structure

To effectively demonstrate your competency in "Communicating & Influencing" at the SEO level, using the B-STAR technique can be particularly beneficial. Here’s how to apply it:


Start by stating your belief in the importance of communication and influencing within your role. This sets the stage and shows that you understand the value of these skills in achieving organizational success.


Describe a specific situation where you needed to communicate and influence effectively. Make sure this example is relevant to the SEO level, showcasing a scenario that required strategic thinking and engagement with key stakeholders.


Outline the task you were responsible for in this situation. What was your objective? What did you need to achieve through your communication and influencing efforts?


Detail the actions you took to address the task. Be specific about your strategies and methods. Did you hold meetings, craft persuasive messages, or use data to support your arguments? Highlight the steps you took to influence and engage others.


Finally, highlight the outcomes of your actions. Use metrics or feedback to demonstrate success. Did your efforts lead to a successful project, a policy change, or improved team performance? Showing tangible results reinforces your effectiveness in this competency.

By structuring your statement with the B-STAR technique, you ensure that your response is clear, focused, and impactful. It allows you to succinctly convey your abilities and the value you bring to the role at the SEO level.

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Now, let's look at an example statement to illustrate these points...


250 Word Statement Example


I believe that clear and engaging communication is crucial for achieving project success and fostering team collaboration. This conviction shapes my approach to sharing information and motivating others.

As a Marketing Manager I was tasked with leading the launch of a new product. The challenge was to communicate the product's value proposition effectively to both the sales team and potential customers, ensuring everyone was aligned and motivated.

I developed a communication plan that included detailed timelines, key messages, and various communication channels. Recognizing the importance of clarity and enthusiasm, I kicked off the project with an all-hands meeting. I presented the product’s features and benefits using a mix of engaging visuals and real-world scenarios to illustrate its value.

Understanding the diverse needs of our audience, I tailored my communication style. For the sales team, I organized in-depth training sessions that included exercises to help them articulate the product’s benefits confidently. I also created an online-resource hub with FAQs, marketing materials, and demonstration videos for easy access.

To reach potential customers, I coordinated a multi-channel marketing campaign. This included email newsletters, social media posts, and webinars. I highlighted the product’s unique features and its benefits, ensuring the message was consistent and compelling across all platforms.

The product launch was a success, achieving a 30% increase in sales within the first quarter and receiving positive feedback from both the sales team and customers. This experience reinforced my belief in the power of effective communication to drive results and build strong, collaborative relationships.

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