Interview Answer: Tell me about a time when you had to make a decision using only limited information

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When formulating an interview answer using the B-STAR technique (Belief, Situation, Task, Action, Result), it's crucial to concisely articulate each component to provide a structured and compelling narrative. Here’s how you could approach this question:


"I've always believed in the importance of making informed decisions, but I also understand that sometimes, timely action is required even when not all information is available. I trust in leveraging my expertise, intuition, and available data to navigate uncertain situations."


"In my previous role as a project manager at a technology startup, we were in the early stages of developing a new software product. The development phase was tightly scheduled to meet the launch date. However, midway through, we encountered unexpected technical challenges that threatened to delay our timeline."


"My task was to quickly decide on the best course of action to keep the project on track, despite having incomplete information about the potential solutions to our technical issues."


"I gathered my team for an emergency meeting to review our current status, the known issues, and the potential impacts of each possible solution. Since we had limited information about the long-term effects of each solution, I proposed conducting rapid, parallel testing of the two most promising solutions over the next 48 hours. I allocated resources effectively, ensuring that we could evaluate both options without significantly impacting our timeline."


"The testing provided enough data to make an informed decision, allowing us to choose the solution with the least impact on our timeline and budget. This approach not only kept our project on track but also fostered a sense of teamwork and agility within the team. We successfully launched the product on time, and it received positive feedback from our early users. This experience taught me the value of quick decision-making under pressure and reaffirmed my belief in using a strategic approach when faced with limited information."

By structuring your answer with the B-STAR technique, you clearly demonstrate your problem-solving and decision-making skills, showing how you can navigate challenges effectively, even in situations with incomplete information.

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